Donations, Sponsorships & Advertising

Viewers and community businesses can support our programming and channel in many different ways.

  • One-time donation
  • Sponsorship Packages


Currently Los Al TV receives $31,000 from local cable fees, an additional $6500 grant from Republic Industries and a $10,000 grant from OUR Los Al.  We also receive small amounts from booster clubs to record shows, and occasionally from individuals from sales of DVDs. Despite that small amount, we are one of the most active of all community television stations in the state, and the most active in all Orange County. From Jan-June 2016 we produced more community programming than the rest of West Orange County combined. Your donation will help us to continue to cover shows of local interest that would not be covered elsewhere.  Your donation technically goes to OUR Los Al, the non-profit which contracts to run the station.  (Fed. Tax ID 91-2154459).


Sponsorship packages include some or all of the following:

  • BULLETIN BOARD – your company logo (720×480 pixels) runs continuously as part of a loop on Channel 3 when regular content is not airing.  No audio.
  • SPONSOR ROLL – 5-second segment on a minute-plus sequence featuring multiple sponsors. Each segment features your company  logo and an announcer mentioning your company and a short slogan.  The sponsor roll runs minimum three times during an event.  Also runs every night on Los Al TV 3 channel near the top of an hour.
  • WEBSITES:   The Premiere and Gold packages includes “square” sidebar ads  on websites operated by Los Al TV  —, The Nooz Feed, and Our TV Channel.


FRIEND OF LOS AL TV – $50/month     — ($250 for six months)

720 x 480 pixel image (:08 duration)  on the Los Al TV bulletin board.

SILVER SPONSORSHIP – $100/month  — ($500 for six months)

  • Bulletin Board, and Sponsor Roll,
  • 6-month commitment includes 300×250 pixel ad on websites


GOLD SPONSORSHIP – $200/month  —  ($1000 for six months)

  • Bulletin Board, Sponsor Roll, and 300×250 pixel ad on websites in Gold level position
  • 6-month commitment includes one 15 second ad spot per day (prime time).  (you provide ad)


PREMIER SPONSORSHIP – $300/month —  ($1,500 for 6 months)

  • Bulletin Board, Sponsor Roll, and 300×250 pixel ad on websites at Premier position
  • 6-month commitment includes creation, production and once daily airing of a 15-second ad spot.


 Sponsorship Packages