Community Message Board

LOS AL TV Community Message Board

LOS AL TV provides an easy way for the public to stay informed with current issues, events and community happenings.

Our Community Message Board is available to the public.  The board is a looped series of still graphic images (a slide show), which appears when there is no programming. The message board runs for a total between 2-3 hours per day.  In addition to viewing on Channel 3 it is also available via our live streaming and as a rotating message on some of our websites.

The station provides this service for non-profit organizations to promote events, services and raise awareness of issues.   There is a charge for individuals or businesses that wish to use this service. Messages will be reviewed before airing to ensure the content meets our requirements.  Messages must be limited to one per subject.



  • Non prime – $50 per month, $250 for six months (one month free) if paid in advance.  Guaranteed to run at least once a day in non-prime time.
  • Prime time (6pm-10pm) – $100

If you are interested in being on our community message board, which is a static slide that rotates on the channel, here are the following steps:

Submit a JPEG image

A broadcast-ready graphic must meet these requirements:

  1. *JPEG image, 4:3 Height to Width ratio
  2. *At least 720 pixels (high) by 480 pixels.
  3. *No pure white background. Light colors are best.
  4. *Fonts as large as possible. We suggest at least 35 point.
  5. *No bright red, bright yellow, bright orange or white. (please de-saturate these colors enough so they don’t “bloom” on the screen.)

*Printed flyers will not meet these requirements.
*Files submitted as a word document, pdf or other will NOT be aired.
**the actual pixels displayed are 400×300 at 72dpi. Image design may appear different if created at a larger size.


*Not sure how to create a simple JPEG image create your slide in PowerPoint?  You can choose to save the entire file or a single as a JPEG.


Video Message options:

LOS AL TV  can also run your video PSA.

  • NONPROFIT – Monthly fee $50  (yearly fee $500)
  • BUSINESS OR INDIVIDUAL – Monthly fee $100, (yearly fee $1000)

This assumes that you are supplying an already prloduced video.  We can produce your video at very reasonable rates.  Call  us for more information