Public Access

Los Al TV is administered as a P.E.G. (public, educational and government) access and local origination community television station. By a strict definition, the channel is a Government Access operation — it is managed by the City government and in recent years its biggest programming content has been either government meetings or Local Origination (programming originated by and funded by the station).  But the channel is also the de facto local Education access channel for the Los Alamitos Unified School District (we air their Board meetings and much other school related programming) and the de facto Public Access station for both Los Alamitos and Rossmoor.

Public Access refers to providing access to airtime and video production facilities for locally oriented programming.  This area has a strong history of public access, especially in its early years.   Through its contract through the county, Rossmoor originally had to use a shared public access facility training and production facility in Garden Grove.  But after Los Alamitos got its own cable contract, it became more convenient for Rossmoor residents to use the Los Alamitos facility.  And Los Al TV was happy to have additional producers turning out content of local interest.

Ramblings in Rossmoor, Traveling With Althea, Los Al Connections, a Video History of Los Alamitos and Rossmoor, backstory, Your Los Al,  Live from the West End, numerous sports productions and many more programs were churned out through the Public Access program.  But with the growing use of small personal cameras and distribution through YouTube, the entire nature of public access has changed.

Nonetheless, LOS AL TV and OUR Los Al are dedicated to fostering and nurturing such programming, especially for local residents who wish to contribute in kind to making the station better.