A Brief History

Los Al TV is the community television station for the greater Los Alamitos area.  Officially it is the Government Access station (of the PEG Access provisions) for the City of Los Alamitos, but for all practical purposes, it is also the de facto access channel for the unincorporated community of Rossmoor and the Los Alamitos Unified School District.

The station can be viewed on Channel 3 in Los Alamitos and Rossmoor on subscribers with Charter cable and Frontier Communications.  It is also available to Frontier subscribers in parts of Seal Beach, Long Beach and other nearby communities.

Cable television first came to the community in 1981 when Rogers Cablevision contracted to provide service to Rossmoor on Channel 37.  Rossmoor residents could use public access facility at Rogers’ Garden Grove facility.  In 1982 Los Al TV also contracted with Rogers Cablevision.  Los Al’s channel was 39, but as a city they could insist on their own access facility in town.  By 1985 Rossmoor residents had shown a preference for using the closer Los Alamitos access facility on Catalina Street, and the Los Alamitos channel was happy to air the additional local programming.  A change in cable companies, and a larger system, allowed Rossmoor to have Channel 3 as their station.  By the end of the decade the Rossmoor and Los Al officially combined their public access operatuions and Rossmoor surrendered Channel 3 for use by the Los Alamitos station.  It has operated as such ever since.

The station always had a strong relationship with Los Alamitos High School, especially with the beginning of the Orange County High School of the Arts — a relationship which lasted until the academy left to become its own high school in Fall 2000.

In the late 1990’s station directors changed the name to LATV — a name which caused a little confusion — not only because of the bigger LA to our north, but also because there already was an LATV (a spanish-language station in Montebello).